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iGO Primo SD Karte Download: A Comprehensive Review of the Features and Performance

Igo primo maps are widely installed for aftermarket navigation system in car. For igo primo update, it may refer to the primo software update or igo maps update. Igo my way primo software update means updating your igo software, while igo maps update means your car has igo primo software installed and you need to update igo maps for your country. So you should know first what do you exactly need to update, the software or the maps.

Igo primo update for the software is not necessary every year. Actually the igo software will not update frequently. As the hardware of your navigation device can not be changed once got it installed in the car, the latest igo navigation software may not work well in your navigation as it may require more memory or better CPU to run it smoothly.

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Download apk:

If your current igo navigation works well, just the igo maps are outdated, then you can install a new igo primo maps update. Just keep using the current igo software and update map files with new ones.

If you want Igo navigation software download for sd card, make sure your sd card works. Sometimes igo does not work, it may because your sd card was defective. You can connect your sd card with a computer by a card reader. For a working sd card, you should be able to see files from your sd card in your computer. Downloading igo navigation sd card software is free, but you should know which igo navigation software is compatible with your car sd card.

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This is easier, just need to copy the entire igo or primo folder into an empty micro SD card, then set GPS path in settings of the windows CE navigation unit, the final path should be igo.exe or primo.exe, then save the settings. Then you should be able to enter into navigation system after you click navi icon from the main menu.

As a reminder, before you do igo primo update, you should always backup all map files from your SD card or from the internal storage of your unit. Because some new map files may not support your igo software or not support your navigation device.

I recently bought a car navigation radio and when i go and click on the GPS button it says that there is no GPS card so i was wondering what all i have to download to a SD card and about how big of a SD card i would need.

Yes, that works to install igo primo on your android unit with the latest igo maps update for your country. After you send 10 usd handling fee, we will send them to you, also with step by step on how to install igo primo software and maps for your country, and assist you via emails if you need any other help.

Excellent customer service from William. Replied to all my emails fast. Even assisted me with step by step instructions on how to download igo primo maps. Will definitely be in touch for later updates.

I don`t have any igo maps because I`ve deleted it from the sd card. I used to have Igo primo on the sd card an old version. I was wondering if you could help me to download the latest igo primo maps update.

I don`t have any igo maps because I`ve deleted it from the sd card. I used to have Igo primo on the sd card an old version. I was wondering if you could help me to download the latest igo primo maps update. Please and thank you so much

If your aftermarket radio has wince system, you can load igo primo windows ce maps to sd card. As for how to install igo primo maps, please check this post which tells you clearly how to do that. Still got a question? you can also send us an email, we reply emails within 24 hours.

Hi,I have a chinese double din head unit from 2016 with wince and I lost my igo maps gps sd card. Could you please help and send me a link or something where I could download the igo primo maps for USA onto a new SD card?? PLEASE???

Hello, I have a aftermarked naviceiver (windows cd) in my car. And I have an old version from IGo installed. Now I want to update. Do you have the up to date version, which is avaiable from IGo? And if I understand correctly, I send you 10USD , youll send me the download link. And for installing, I only copy the files to a new micro SD card. Put her into the naviciever, and choose the path where igo.exe is located? Best regards

I can upload 2019q4 igo maps(updated in 2020) for Europe on googledrive and send you a link to download them, and send you instructions on how to update, maps are free, you just need to pay US$10 for handling fee, is that ok?

i need to download igo 8.3.5 for my aftermarket navigation system. i already have maps, but due to some issue my sd card got corrupted and i no longer can use igo on my car. can you please provide a link to download 8.3.5 version or any latest igo version that will be supported on WIndows CE?

You dont néed to pay tó download it onIine, just need tó pay USD10 for a handling fee, because it takes a long time to upload maps online, and i will also teach you how to update it with your GPS SD card or internal storage of your navigation system.

With your phone, you have received a scratch card containing a prepaid code that entitles you to download the iGO My way navigation software and one free content package including maps, places of interest and other content.

The overview of the setup process: I. Insert a MicroSD card into the device, then download iGO My way from the website, and install the navigation software on the SD card. II. Start iGO My way on your device, and complete the initial setup. III. Register on the website, and redeem your prepaid code. Connect your device or SD card to your PC, then use Naviextras Toolbox to download the latest content package for the software. Here are the detailed instructions:

11. Open the downloaded file, then follow the instructions on the screen to install