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SUBTLE STYLING: WHAT DO Couple Rings Set look like and what is the most popular trend?

These rings aren't just any ring. They can be made to look any way you want however, their practicality determines the rules.

These rings are constructed from solid metal. They can also with a single stone which is exclusive to the wearer, or a cluster of stones. They are also available in small solitaire rings. These rings can be put together or mixed with other designs. They are ideal for wear every day.

Rings with architectural forms and designs that are sculpted in metal, where the texture enhances the design are categorized in a distinct category. Engagement rings for couples must be matched. You can pick any design you like to present your partner with the ring for a present.

Keep in mind the following rule: simple understated rings with smaller stones can be worn by women and men, and they are easy to dress. Even if the ring comes as gifted to you, you can still style it with other jewellery collections.

Choose the unisex rings or those with matching stones, but more masculine and feminine designs "for the two of you". One component will be a perfect match regardless, while another will show off your individuality.

What is the best time and place to have Promise Rings presented?

The gift of promise ring is significant in two ways It firstly tells your partner you'll be marrying to them. Secondly, it informs them it indicates that marriage hasn't been scheduled and it isn't an official invitation. The engagement ring, just like the wedding ring, can begin all of the merry-making that leads up to marriage. But this engagement ring is yet to arrive.

Make this ring presentation easy and casual. It should not be a grand gesture and showiness of engagement (where full families may be present to watch, record on videos and shed tears later). Do not get down on your knees. It's just you two and is an informal proposition. It's a complete liar.

This brings us to the issue of whether or not it is appropriate to present a promise ring (or be given one) in a relationship. If you've decided to tie the knot one day and it's the perfect time. The ring symbolizes of your end of a relationship without commitment.

When you are taking this first step of committing it, make time to talk to your love one about the plans you have in mind. If they're in alignment with each other, and if the person is ready to wait sometime before the formal proposal, you can buy the engagement ring (or exchange rings) to confirm to each other that this proposal will be made sooner or later (or to confirm that you're fully committed to not walk down the aisle).



There is no way to say that they are the identical. A wedding ring is a proposal, specific wedding date, and launch of the process of preparation, while a promise ring is the promise to propose later or to pledge to this person like in wedding.


Promise rings stand for a vow to marry (but they don't mean an offer) Engagement rings refer to proposal and the fixed date for marriage, and eternity rings stand for some specific milestone in wedding, such as the first anniversary or the birth of a child. The name Eternity Rings comes from the fact that these rings are adorned with small diamonds that cover the entire band of the ring. The ring is visible to others when worn.

How to choose the ideal MOMENT TO GIVE A PROMISE RING?

At any point, you decide to remain in these long-term relationships. This ring of promise is a way to mark this day for both of you and open up new ideas about the future, such as an engagement. Do not make it a public event. Keep that for the engagement ring.

MODELS and STYLES - HOW to choose the promise ring which will look appropriate

You can pick any style, but we recommend that they be dainty, understated, and not stale. The best choices are simple metal rings, elegantly sculptured pieces, stone cluster rings and single-stone rings. This way, they won't attract unnecessary questions however they are versatile enough to fit with every dress you want to wear.

What kind of ring and HAND SHOULD A PROMISE RING be adorned with?

It can be worn on a ring or the middle finger of either hand. Just mind that when put on the fingers of the left hand it will cause connections with engagement.

How to gift the promise ring of the person you love?

Try to create a friendly but casual setting, between the two of you. The ring should be presented only rings after you have discussed the future in a way that both of you have the same dream. Remind them that this isn't an offer, but rather that promise rings symbolize the possibility of a proposal in the future.

Where to buy a Promise Ring?

Buy a ring from an online jewelry store that is trustworthy and will provide you with a wide selection of styles. Go to specific websites that sell specially crafted rings for promise-making stages or weddings. Engagements, weddings and vows. You'll surely find something that is unique. Another benefit is the option to alter the dimensions of your ring in-house if necessary.


Promise rings are small and subtle which is why they could be used in conjunction with an engagement or wedding ring. They can also be mixed with other rings.


It depends on what two people decide. You may decide to give the rings back, but this will merely mean the exchange of them - you get the ring you gave to your former lover and vice versa. You may decide to just keep them as is, or exchange the rings and not accept the ring that was given to you (if your relationship was sour that significantly). The jewelry will become less valuable in the event that you keep it. It's just another piece of jewelry in your jewelry collection.


A commitment to love and affection is an essential part of our lives. The accessories and items that remind us of special moments are essential. Pick the perfect ring for your beloved and they will always remember the love you have for them. And our shop will be a trusted assistant in this vital choice of engagement rings.


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