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D Roy Choudhury Networks And Systems.pdf

Networks and Systems by D. Roy Choudhury

Networks and Systems is a book by D. Roy Choudhury, a professor of electrical engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. The book serves as a text for the treatment of topics in the field of electric networks which are considered as foundation in electrical engineering for undergraduate students. The book covers topics such as basic circuit elements and waveforms, mesh and node analysis, graph theory and network equation, Fourier series, Laplace transform, network theorems, resonance, analogous system, two-port network, attenuators, conventional filters, state variable analysis, network functions, passive network synthesis, feedback system, frequency response plots, and computer applications. The book also includes detailed coverage of network theorems, topology, analogous systems and Fourier transforms. The book employs Laplace transform solution of differential equations and contains material on two-port networks, classical filters, passive synthesis. The book also includes state variable formulation of network problems and wide coverage on convolution integral, transient response and frequency domain analysis. The book provides digital computer program for varieties of problems pertaining to networks and systems. Each topic is covered in depth from basic concepts and given large number of solved problems for better understanding the theory. A large number of objective type questions and solutions to selected problems are given in appendix.


The book is available in PDF format online and can be downloaded from various sources. One such source is [Google Books], where the book can be previewed and downloaded for free. Another source is [KNTU], where the book can be accessed as a PDF file. A third source is [National Library Board Singapore], where the book can be viewed online or borrowed from the library.

The book is a useful resource for students, teachers and professionals who are interested in learning or teaching the fundamentals of electric networks and systems. The book provides a comprehensive and rigorous treatment of the subject with clear explanations and examples. The book also helps in developing analytical and problem-solving skills in electrical engineering.


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